60 London Wall: Achieves 80% less environmental impact

The Project: 

Reworking a 1980s office building into 20,000 sq ft of modern retail space and 325,000 sq ft of prime workspace presents its challenges. Challenges which are amplified when the building is in the centre of London’s financial district, where noise and other environmental restrictions are rigorously imposed. 

Main contractor Skanska invited our specialist decorating team to join them on the 60 London Wall project, and set the innovation bar high. 

Client: Skanska

Sector: Office

Region: London

Services: Pre-Construction, Construction Support

The Challenge:

Due to the location of the building, there were environmental restrictions imposed on the project’s construction such as noise and dust. The stripping of the building included removing the original board fire protection from the structural steelwork columns and beams. As this exposed steelwork would take centre stage in EPR Architects new design, a media blasting solution was required to prepare steelwork for a new decorative fire protection system.

Sentinel was asked to search the market for alternative solutions because traditional media blasting systems would be prohibited under the environmental controls for this project. Therefore, the real challenge was to develop a blasting system that reduced dust contamination in operation, reduced environmental impact and decreased the amount of disposal of contaminated waste.

The Results:

We responded with an innovative new sponge media blasting (a composite of open cell sponge and abrasive) and decorative structural solution.  As the first of its kind in UK construction, this solution resulted in greatly minimised environmental impact of this construction project.  Massively reducing dust and, because it’s recyclable, also greatly reduced the actual tonnage of media required compared to other products.

If this system is applied to future blasting works within the UK, the environmental impact of waste media would be reduced up to 80%. That’s 80% less product, 80% less landfill, 80% less delivery cost, 80% less disposal cost.

Working with Intumescent Paint manufacture, we recommended the use of a water based Intumescent Paint System, applied on site. Water based Intumescent paint has very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) levels, classified as trace, greatly strengthening main contractor Skanska’s compliance to WELL obligations.

Sponge Media Used – 35Te
Dust Suppression: The dust contaminating in the air was less than 1mg/m³
Delivery Transport Cost: £1,125
Waste Removal Transport Cost: £1,125
Landfill Cost: £15,750
Landfill Weight: 35Te

Conventional Media Used – 270Te
Dust Suppression: The dust contaminating in the air would be 20-40mg/m³
Delivery Transport Cost: £5,250
Waste Removal Transport Cost: £5,250
Landfill Cost: £121,500
Landfill Weight: 270Te

Mark Stewart, Director, Sentinel Contracting plc, says: “This project has shown the huge reduction in environmental impact that can be achieved. Our innovative sponge media blasting solution has reduced landfill costs alone by £105,000 and the low VOC Intumescent Paint System reduces the environmental impact to air quality by 40%. By using this method, the construction industry can achieve 80% less product, 80% less landfill, 80% less delivery cost and 80% less disposal cost.”


The Sentinel team are pleased to have recently completed decorating works at the £150m K1 Knightsbridge development in London’s most prestigious postcode.  

Our firestopping skills will be put to work on this great project at 20 Ropemaker Street which consists of 419,093 sq ft of office space and 11,785 sq ft of ground level retail space.

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