Fire Stopping

Sentinel Contracting plc is a built-in fire protection contractor with extensive expertise in fire protection design and a proven track record delivering technical solutions in the design and installation of complex passive fire protection systems.

  • Full Builder’s Work in Connection (BWIC) packages
  • Intumescent Painting
  • Spray Applied Systems
  • Board Fire Protection
  • Fire Stopping
  • Fire Barriers and Curtains
  • Air Sealing

Headed up since 2012 by industry leading practitioner Arthur Nelmes, the division has been instrumental in improving the standard of fire protection design & installation across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, benefiting construction industry partners and the clients they serve.

‘The building is fire safe from cradle to grave’. At Sentinel this means we can deliver a cost-effective method for the design, supply, installation and accurate recording of the works we undertake on a project.

Our system is practical to implement, operate, maintain and update on a daily basis. Including work record sheets, stickers and as built location drawings, with the addition of photographic logs and Unique Identification Numbers allocated to a traceable location of each individual (or closely grouped set of small opening) fire stopping seal through the fire compartment walls and floors on the project.

This information is managed via the trusted Bolster cloud-based platform, meaning it can be easily passed directly onto the client, landlord or building manager.


A Bright Future for Commercial Decorating & Fire Protection

Mark Stewart, Director, Sentinel Contracting plc shares his vision for the future of Sentinel’s new commercial decorating & fire protection works.  


Builder’s Work in Connection BWIC

Sentinel has extensive experience delivering BWIC packages, including projects ranging from a single fire seal to a complete programme of protection to prevent the spread of smoke and fire and maintain the buildings structural integrity.


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